We offer the following services:

Development of the design project

Office design has its own features, this room indeed should be stylish, create businesslike atmosphere and stay neat to stimulate productivity. A competent design project involves the development of the ideal room layout, creation of a unique style of interior what helps to design an optimal working space. In many ways the result of the whole process depends on this phase of renovation work, because only professional correctly made project considers all the requirements for office space.

Development of interiors

Office interior is a real visiting card of the company, exterior appearance of the room gives the visitors the first impression about the company's success and the qualification of its employees. Moreover the correct orientation of the office space helps employees perform their duties, winds them up in the desired direction, organizes and at the same time inspires on creative achievements. Our specialists have a profound knowledge in the design techniques that help to create perfect office space for productive work.

Planning decisions

Planning works help to create a unique office space which combines convenience, functionality and style. When designing renovation works we take into account features of the building, its floor space, number of the employees as well as consider wishes of the customers and their vision of the end result. Our specialists know how to create a well-organized but at the same time stylish and unique working space that makes the everyday work really comfortable.

Positioning of the Communication Lines on the Project

Productive activity is simply impossible without adjusted office equipment, moreover it is difficult to imagine the efficient working process interrupted by the blackouts or shutdown of water supply. In order to prevent the staff of the company from such problems we need to match communication lines with the created design project. This kind of work is carried out taking into account the features of the room and only by qualified engineers who are familiar with all the technical nuances of the process.

Construction Works

Our company provides construction works of any complexity at all stages of construction or renovation of the building. Our experts can make high-quality floor pouring in short terms, can take care over the ceiling arrangement as well as form and insulate the facade of the building. There is no building without windows and doors, installation of which is also carried out by the qualified team of our builders. Moreover our experts make installation of office partitions made of various materials helping you to create the ideal working space. You can easily entrust construction and renovation works in your office and administration rooms to professionals and you will be pleased with the quality, reliability and beauty for many years.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical installation works play important role in the labor process because faulty wire routing or periodic shutdowns of electricity can become a reason of loss of the necessary documents or can interrupt important business conversation. Moreover electrical faults can lead to life-threatening fire. With our company you will be able to organize the everyday work of the office in a due manner, because good specialists are able to provide your employees with uninterrupted telephone and internet connections, establish reliable operation of equipment, functioning from the power supply networks and also install video monitoring if required. Electric installation works don't tolerate amateur approach because the qualified work offers comfortable and safe conditions for normal activity of the company.

Air Conditioning and Ventilation

It is proved that the overall performance depends on the correct climate indoors. Agree, it is quite difficult to work during fiendish heat or at uncomfortable, too low temperatures. The correct air conditioning and ventilation support necessary working environment and thus do not create additional noise. Our specialists will provide office with reliable and up-to-date systems which meet all functional and esthetic requirements. The choice of central air conditioning and ventilation systems depends on features of an interior, its area and planning.

Painting Works

Filling , plaster, walls painting or wall-papering - all of this is referred to the category of painting works which very few people like to do. All of these processes trench upon time and effort and left behind a mountains of garbage and dust and inept approach to them what is more important can spoil everything. That is why many people prefer to trust most of the painting works in caring hands of professionals.

Roofing Works

The Stroy.by company provides all types of roofing works. Fast and safe dismantling of old covering, preparation for installation of a new roof, designing of roofing pie, installation of rafter plate, rafter system and roof sheathing, asbestos sheeting and roofing tile decking as well as many other kind of roofing works– our company provides all of these works within the framework of services in roofing works sphere.

Floor Repair

Even having the most expensive wallpaper and exclusive furniture the floor which was poorly executed and processed will nullify the luxury apartments and it's decoration. Moreover a variety of floor coverings is able to satisfy even the most demanding and exacting tastes.

Ceilings Finishing

Ceilings are the upper border of the room and therefore considerably influence on the overall look of the interior. The choice of a certain type of ceilings depends on a state and characteristics of ceiling overlapping. So, it is not recommended to use stretched and suspended ceilings if the height of the room is less than 230 cm. In that case when ceiling plates have uneven joints the experts do not recommend to paint or whitewash them emphasizing texture imperfections.

Walls Finishing

Walls compose that part of the room which visitors see first of all, besides the walls make the most part of all finishing works in comparison with floor or ceiling. Walls finishing is one of the most important stage in renovation works when creating interior of the room. For each certain room it is worth using these or that finishing materials according to its specific features.